Immigration Law

Adjust Your Alien Status in Philadelphia

Are you looking to adjust your non-immigrant status to immigrant or permanent resident in Philly? If so, it’s vital to find trusted family-based attorneys that can help you through the process, like Henry & Grogan. There are various lawful ways to change your alien status in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and having a trusted lawyer on your side can make things easier for you and your family. However, before you discuss the green card process with a Philadelphia lawyer, you should take some time to learn a few things about US immigration laws.

US Immigration Laws for Pennsylvania

Searching “adjust my alien status in Philadelphia” online will provide many offers from lawyers and immigration firms, all promising to help you adjust your status. The process involves applying for a change of status, which can be costly if you pick the wrong firm. If you have been living in the US with family, spouse, or fiancé, you can try your luck with the green card application process to change your status. After all, the fundamental objective of U.S. immigration is to keep families together.

However, there are various regulations. For instance, you can visit a fiancé in Philadelphia, provided your wedding is held within 90 days of arriving. On the other hand, you can visit family or spouse living in the U.S. with much fewer restrictions. Here at Henry & Grogan, we have services dedicated to helping people through different immigration processes, including visa and green card applications and alien status adjustment. We can also draft a petition to help you appeal a refused status adjustment.

Lawful Permanent Residence in Bucks County

Most people who approach us and want to become permanent residents of the U.S. start their search by typing “adjust my alien status in Philadelphia” on a search engine. If you live in Bucks County, we can help you complete the application process to become a permanent resident. We offer free initial consultations as well as preparation and submission of family visas, employment visas, and refugee visas. Our lawyers will also represent you in immigration court proceedings; we have profound experience in all key areas. For instance, you can consult our political asylum lawyers in Bucks County, PA, to help you process your request for political asylum in Pennsylvania.

Lawful Permanent Residence in Montgomery County

If you are looking to travel to Montgomery County for a wedding or spend some time with family, you need a visa that allows your stay. If the wedding is to your fiancée, a U.S. citizen, you might be eligible to join other Montgomery County permanent residents by completing the visa and green card application processes. Henry & Grogan’s team of attorneys will help you understand your status, options, and recommended next steps.

Lawful Permanent Residence in York County

Not all attorneys who can adjust your alien status can guarantee success, so it is essential to review offers carefully and choose a competent immigration attorney you can trust. U.S. immigration laws and Pennsylvania regulations will apply, and if your status adjustment application is refused, you must complete a petition to appeal for reevaluation. We offer full-house immigration services in York County, so you can have peace of mind when preparing and submitting your visa, green card, and citizenship applications.

Henry & Grogan is a reputable law firm with experienced immigration attorneys dedicated to helping families secure residency in Philadelphia County and the larger PA region. We are your trusted partner whenever you seek a Philadelphia lawyer to adjust your alien status. Contact us today to find out more about changing immigration status, applying for visas, green cards, and the permanent residents status approval process.