Immigration Appeal Services in York County, PA

Applying for an immigration visa to the U.S. can be daunting. The entire process is cumbersome, and sometimes the decision can be unfavorable. When this happens, you can file an appeal to a different authority for reviewing the decision.

At Henry & Grogan, we have what it takes to offer you immigration appeal services in York County, PA. We have a team of qualified lawyers who understand how the immigration process works. We can represent you at the Administrative Appeals Office or to the Board of Immigration Appeals. Regardless of the representation you need, our services come at a flat-rate fee.

Trusted Immigration Appeal Attorney in Philadelphia

Many immigration decisions are made by visa officers, immigration tribunals, and immigration officers, which might be overturned. But whatever the decision, it can get appealed. A reasonable and reliable attorney can protect your rights with a proper immigration process.

Henry & Grogan has years of experience handling successful immigration appeal cases. Our qualified appeal attorneys will provide you with honest and expert advice on whether the grounds are favorable for you to appeal. We have handled both regular and complex appeals. We are just a call away, especially for clients living in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding regions.

Bucks County, PA Immigration Appeal Process

Immigration appeals are always open to the public. And you only have 30 days to appeal after receiving the decision; however, you don’t have to panic — we can handle the Bucks County immigration appeal process with ease. We aim to ensure you become lawful permanent residents in Bucks county. At Henry & Grogan, we treat your family with utter respect and offer a free consultation. Our team of attorneys takes pride in decades of experience in handling appeal cases and lengthy processes.

Immigration Appeal Lawyers in Lancaster, PA

American immigration law is a thorough and complex subject that can be intimidating. There may come a time when your application gets an unfavorable decision, and this is precisely when working with a trusted, reliable immigration appeal lawyer is essential. Every citizen can represent themselves for appeal, but a lawyer has the necessary knowledge and expertise in dealing with such cases. While using an immigration appeal lawyer will not expedite the application, you need to give it the special attention it deserves.

Are you looking for a reliable immigration appeal service in York County, PA? At Henry & Grogan, we take pride in our professional immigration appeal lawyers. Hiring our attorneys will help you navigate through the American immigration appeal system. Lawyers will offer coherent and abridged information concerning your case. We also handle legal family unification immigration cases in Lancaster, Bucks, and throughout the greater Philadelphia to ensure that families stay united.

Motions to Reopen Immigration Cases in PA

A motion to reopen is a special request to the Board of Immigration Appeals or immigration judge to reconsider the case that has ended. The motion to reopen offers an opportunity to present new or change the evidence.

Henry & Grogan takes pride in serving organizations and individuals nationwide. We offer excellent immigration appeal service in York County PA, Bucks, Lancaster, and throughout Northern Philadelphia.

Grounds for Filing a Motion to Reopen in Philadelphia

A motion to reopen a case brings new facts and evidence that was not available or unknown at the time of the original hearing. The motion to reopen must be filed within 90 days after the final verdict. It takes a skilled H1-B attorney to skillfully handle this process.

Common grounds to file a motion to reopen includes:

  • Adjustment of status
  • Suspension of deportation
  • unsuccessful assistance of removal
  • withholding and asylum or removal

If you need immigration appeal services in York County, PA, or anywhere else in the state, do not hesitate to call us. Henry & Grogan knows what it takes to assist you in every step — we are just a call away, so contact us today!