Deportation and Removal

Are You Or A Loved One Facing Deportation?

Our firm routinely helps concerned family members seeking help on behalf of a loved one facing deportation or removal proceedings. At the law office of Henry & Grogan, we understand this is a tumultuous time and a troubling situation for many families. We understand this, and take your emotions into consideration as we proceed with the defense of a family member. We take immediate action to analyze the charges and determine what relief is available.

Do you need to speak with someone regarding deportation defense? Please contact the law office of Henry & Grogan today to learn how we can protect the rights of your loved one. We offer free half-hour initial consultations and flat-rate fees.

Let Us Help You

Our firm takes immediate action to do what is necessary to help your loved one avoid deportation and removal proceedings. There are a number of potential options for people facing deportation. Among these options are cancellations of removal proceedings and waivers of inadmissibility. An experienced lawyer, such as Michael S. Henry, can ensure your loved one’s rights are protected. Depending on the situation, we will take some of the following steps:

  • Meet with the individual who has been detained
  • Determine eligibility for bond
  • Contact the court and government to obtain a copy of the charging documentation
  • Obtain background information on client
  • Determine if court has jurisdiction
  • File a bond motion in an effort to receive an earlier hearing
  • Determine if client will be subjected to mandatory detention

Our firm provides aggressive defense to those who are facing criminal and noncriminal charges. Whether the person in question has overstayed a visa or committed a felony, there are options available to prevent deportation. Contact us today to learn more.