Alien Labor Certification

Helping Businesses Navigate The Foreign Labor Certification Process

Paperwork And Deadlines Are Crucial

Employers often need to broaden their search for qualified workers overseas if they want to thrive in today’s competitive economy. If you are an employer with staffing needs that extend beyond the borders of the United States, you will likely be required to complete the foreign labor certification process — formally referred to as Program Electronic Review Management (PERM). This process is not intuitive. Even a minor mistake in the paperwork or missed deadline can cause significant delays or denial of a PERM application.

The law office of Henry & Grogan in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has the experience you need to ensure that you obtain certification for your foreign talent in a timely manner. Our immigration lawyers know the process, the forms and the procedures.

Hospital networks rely on foreign talent. We have helped efficiently guide many doctors through alien labor certification.

We Provide Guidance At Every Step Of The PERM Process

The Department of Labor administers the PERM initiative, which was designed to prevent the displacement of U.S. workers from positions for which they meet or exceed the minimum qualifications. PERM regulations for processing alien and permanent labor certifications are strict. Employers are required to establish a need for foreign workers, and the Department of Labor must certify all information as accurate before it will approve the application.

Steps that employers must take include:

  • Requesting a “prevailing wage determination” from state’s workforce agency measuring the minimum allowable wage that can be paid to the foreign worker.
  • Conducting a recruitment campaign to show that no U.S. citizen workers are eligible. Sufficient efforts may include posting a job opening with the unemployment office and interviewing applicants.
  • Submitting a description of their efforts. This includes recruitment efforts as well as findings and information regarding the job and wages.

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Alien labor certification is a federal process, which is why we are able to assist employers throughout the region. We also offer assistance with expedited processing of visa applications. Call our office at 215-568-1500 or email us to schedule a free initial consultation to learn more about PERM and how we can help you.