Extraordinary Ability Visas

Extraordinary Ability Visas

Individuals who show extraordinary ability in a variety of occupations and disciplines may be eligible to obtain an extraordinary ability visa, or EB-1 visa. Those who show “exceptional ability” may be able to obtain a national interest waiver. The law office of Henry & Grogan represents individuals such as outstanding professors and researchers who are eligible for an extraordinary ability visa.

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Evidence Of Extraordinary Ability

Our firm provides comprehensive representation to people who are interested in obtaining an extraordinary ability visa. Documentation and evidence will need to be gathered to show your accomplishments. You may be eligible if you have received national or international acclaim in the form of an exclusive one-time achievement award, such as a Nobel Peace Prize or an Olympic medal. You must also show at least three of the following distinctions.

  • Receipts of national or international recognition for excellent work in your field
  • Membership in associations in your field that require outstanding achievements for membership
  • Publications about you and your work
  • Judging others in your field
  • Exclusive and original contributions to your field
  • Published work in scholarly articles or major publications
  • Exhibition, displays or showcases of your work
  • Performing a critical or leadership role in an organization
  • High salary relative to others in your field
  • Successful sales of work in the media

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