Why Do I Need an Immigration Attorney?

Trust An Immigration Attorney

Whether you have heard stories from friends, family members or co-workers, you are likely confused about the immigration process. The process is as complicated as it is varied, and one small misstep can lead to significant delays or a denial.

While it is not required that you work with an attorney, having an experienced immigration lawyer on your side can be extremely beneficial. From advising you on the challenges you face to ensuring your paperwork is completed and submitted on time, our law firm will fight to ensure the immigration process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Thorough Understanding Of The Process

At Henry & Grogan, our lawyers have more than 70 years of combined experience representing clients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and abroad who wish to immigrate to the United States. Whether you are seeking to reunite your family or start a business, it is crucial that you get the right information. With our extensive experience in immigration law, our attorneys can provide the informatihttps://henrygrogan.com/Immigration-Law/Employment-Based-Immigration/on you need — often answering questions that you haven’t even considered yet.

There Is No Guarantee

Unfortunately, even an experienced immigration attorney cannot make any promises regarding your specific situation. What we can promise, however, that we will work tirelessly to ensure your process runs smoothly from start to finish. From collecting documents to filing paperwork to courtroom litigation, we can provide the representation you need for your visa, green card or removal proceeding process.

Contact our firm today to schedule a free initial consultation. We can be reached by phone or email so you can discuss your specific matter in greater detail. We provide legal services in English and Russian.