Non-American citizens can enter the United States under a visa. Each type of visa has its own set of requirements and a set length of time that the person is allowed to stay in the country before they must leave. However, foreign nationals are not picked up by immigration at the time they are expected to leave the country, so occasionally, people overstay their visas. If you realize you've overstayed your visa, it’s critical to consult an attorney immediately.

Denials of H-1B visas have been rising consistently over a decade. New policies and stricter enforcement from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have led to an ever-growing number of individuals no longer being able to receive H-1B visas successfully. This has left many...

With COVID-19 continuing to ravage through the United States and millions of job losses, it's natural for citizens, permanent residents, and visa holders to worry about issues like job security. So, if you're wondering about unemployment benefits for green card holders, this guide will help you understand a little more.

Immigration is a tedious, complicated, and arduous process to go through alone, but you don’t have to. Immigration law is best understood under the guidance of an immigration lawyer. Many long-distance partners seek to eliminate the distance between them by getting married and moving the foreign partner to the United States. Married partners have a more direct path through the immigration process and eventual citizenship, but the question becomes, “is it better to get married in the US, or is it better to get married abroad?”