Green Card Process

Green Card Assistance Services in PA

Obtaining a green card is one of the routes to becoming a permanent resident in the U.S. However, until your green card application is processed, you will rely on the H1B card, which allows you residence in the US for up to six years. During this time, it is recommended to hire reliable green card assistance services to become a permanent resident before your work permit expires. However, green card and citizenship application is a complicated process that may be costly and complex without a reliable attorney to represent you.

At Henry & Grogan, we feature a team of expert attorneys who can help you navigate the visa and green card preparation and submission processes. We provide visa and green card assistance services that PA residents can rely on whenever they need new applications and renewals.

H1B to Green Card Process in PA

H1B holders who marry U.S. citizens or green card holders can apply for a marriage-based green card to become permanent residents. At Henry & Grogan, we receive many requests from clients seeking a lawyer’s assistance in the green card process in York County, Bucks County, Philadelphia County, and the surrounding regions in PA. You can apply for a green card without leaving the U.S., provided you have the dual-intent H1B card.

Our lawyers offer trusted green card assistance services in PA and have years of experience in legal immigration representation. We’re passionate about helping families stay together by completing the necessary applications and submissions. We will take you through moving from H1B to a green card — and even citizenship — if you are eligible for permanent residency.

Philadelphia Green Card Process With a Lawyer

It is essential to choose an experienced, trusted lawyer when looking for legal assistance with the green card process in York County or the surrounding areas. Applying for a green card from H1B is a complicated, time-consuming process that requires an expert immigration attorney. Henry & Grogan’s green card assistance services have helped residents in all PA cities, including in Bucks County, Philadelphia County, and York County.

Whether you need guidance for visa renewal or alien status adjusting, the process is less strenuous with a lawyer. Henry & Grogan offers reliable and affordable legal assistance for the green card process in York County, following the guideline of the USCIS, so you can focus on building your life in PA.

Green Card Renewal Process Philadelphia County

If your green card expires, you need to get the latest version by resubmitting a new application. We receive various requests for renewal and have dedicated, hands-on attorneys to ensure everyone gets the help they need. Getting legal assistance with the green card process in York County is quite similar to how it is done in other places in PA and follows the U.S. immigration laws for Pennsylvania. However, there are minor differences, so new applications and renewals in Bucks County won’t be the same as in Philadelphia County. Nonetheless, we use the same process recommended by the USCIS. If your application or renewal is declined, we can help you start a motion to reopen in Philadelphia.

USCIS Guidelines for Help With the Green Card Process in Bucks County

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are designed to help anyone looking to apply for a green card or change their immigration status. At Henry & Grogan, we feature experienced attorneys to handle everything from preparing and submitting forms to legal representation in PA court proceedings. Whether you are seeking asylum in Montgomery County, PA, or need legal assistance with the green card process in York County, we can help make it simple and straightforward. Contact us to speak to our qualified PA attorneys about green card assistance services today.