Overcrowded detention centers and the health risks for immigrants

Overcrowded detention centers and the health risks for immigrants

El Paso, Texas recently experienced a surge of immigrants crossing the border from Central America. An estimated 10,000 immigrants illegally crossed the U.S.- Mexican border over the month of March. Unfortunately, both U.S. and undocumented immigrants are suffering negative consequences as a result.

Nearly all immigrant travelers are suffering from some type of medical issue, including dehydration and influenza. Many others other types of medical conditions requiring immediate medical attention. In some instances, an infant will be suffering from a high fever, a person may have a pre-existing heart condition, and injuries sustained from their travels north.

Overcrowded detention centers

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents report massive overflowing in the number of immigrants they are obligated to detain and process individually. The detention centers are simply not equipped to hold the amount of men, women, and children that have surged the border city all at once. The detention centers are overcrowded and unfortunately ill equipped with the cleanliness and constant stock of sanitary products they need.

Asylum seekers

Currently, asylum seekers are granted the right to prove their case before an immigration court once they reach U.S. soil. However, interaction with the court system on behalf of a person may take years due to a flooded immigration system. There are many people awaiting communication with an immigration official. But they cannot always be held at the detention center while waiting their turn.

There is a very real immigration crisis happening right now at the border, and it demands legal attention to the immigration policies that are currently in place. Until changes take place, immigrants and their loved ones are urged to seek professional legal counsel when their rights are violated. Also, immigrant cases are often expedited when a lawyer is working on their case to avoid the long wait times.